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Tryp Labs - Fungi Analytics Laboratory

Our Focus at TrypLabs is to elucidate the chemical composition of fungi and consumer products. Tryp is a research and quality control laboratory. Whether you're a mycologist, forager, product developer, or consumer, we want to provide you with valuable data.



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Chemical analysis

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of contaminants and secondary metabolites in fungi. We are able to test for Various molecules in popular medicinal mushrooms like Lions Mane (Herecium), Reishi (Ganoderma), Turkey Tail (Trametes), Cordyceps (Cordycepitaceae), and more! Get in touch with us for a comprehensive list of analysees available or find out about custom analysis.

Microbiological screening

Detection of yeasts, molds, and coliform bacteria to ensure a safe and hygienic product for further processing or consumption. Be confident that your product is of the highest standards, let your customers rest easy knowing their products are clean.

Species Identification

With microscopy and DNA sequencing capabilities, TrypLabs can confirm the indentity of your fungi in question. Whether it's grown, bought, or foraged, TrypLabs can get you the species confirmation you need.

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