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Determination of metabolite concentration in Cordyceps militaris. See dropdown menu for available options.

Sample shipping: Samples should be enclosed in an appropriate container which prevents any degradation during shiping and handling. A ziplock bag with dessicant will suffice, a glass jar with dessicant and oxygen absorbers, sealed with inert gas is the best.


Amount of sample to submit: Submit as much sample as you'd like, the minium sample size is 150mg.


Sampling: Fruit body potency can vary. If you are testing for a batch for which the lab result is intended to represent, Tryp Labs recommends sampling at least 1% of the batch, homogenizing it, and sending in a portion of the homogenate for testing.

Samples can be sent to:
Tryp Labs
534 sw 3rd ave
suite 800

Portland, Oregon 97204-2510

Don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions!

Cordyceps potency analysis

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