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Gymnopilus punctifolius is an uncommonly reported/collected Gymnopilus growing off decaying conifer in temperate forests. Known from the Pacific Northwest, with some reports in the Rocky Mountains and Mexico. The Cap is blue-purple, stem is bright yellow with purple mycelium at the base, and the whole mushroom and mycelium is brightly fluorescent. This mushroom is a stunner! It is currently not known if this gymnopilus is active or toxic, to my understanding. 


We found it fruiting on well decayed old growth hemlock logs and stumps.


Heads up: the prints are light, and the color is difficult to see on foil. The print is always on the non shiny side of foil, always on the same side of the fold. If I sent it, there’s spores. I recommend using a swab to pick up and applicate the spores for your microscopic purposes.


Psilocybin not detected in this collection.



Gymnopilus punctifolius spore print

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