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Determination of tryptamine alkaloids in psilocybin mushrooms and related goods. You may select which analytes and which matrix you are submitting for testing. Please note that currently for edibles we only offer psilocybin and psilocin analysis. For fruit body or mycelium, we offer a mroe comprehensive analysis which can look at various 'minor' components of fungi.


The Turnaround Time (TT) for standard analysis is two weeks. We do offer expedited services, but a surcharge is applied for this, and must be approved Before ordering. Please reach out to us for any rush requests!


You will recieve a certificate of analysis showing the concentration of these alkaloids found in your sample submitted. All tests performed via HPLC.


Please send samples completely dry, and sealed in some air tight container (ziplock, vacuum seal, pint jar, etc). Please include your contact info via the website, this information will appear on your certificate. Please do not submit more than 12g of mushrooms per package.

Accepted sample matrices: Fruit body(mushroom), Liquid Culture or mycelium, sclerotia, edibles, tinctures, vape cartridges. Contact if you have something outside of this realm that needs testing via the website contact form.

Sample submission size - 150-500mg for fruits, whole normal package for products like edibles etc.

Send samples to:

Tryp Labs

534 SW 3rd ave

Suite 800

Portland, Oregon, 97204

Please make sure you send to the correct address, including the suite number. We are not liable to look for your lost package if you did not put the correct address on the box. Thank you.

Psilocybin Potency Analysis

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