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P. ovoideocystidiata is rumored to have been intentionally spread around the pacific northwest since the 1970's. There is no explicit evidence or story I am aware of, that tells how this species spread to the region, maybe it has been in the PNW for thousands of years, or maybe it was introduced unintentionally. I would be interested in the story if anyone knows! Regardless, it is 2023, and the thriving spore trade and mycelium spreading has resulted in multiple phenotypic displays in our area. There are at least 3 that are known of by locals. One is a chunkier, stout phenotype, that I listed a few weeks ago. Then there is another pheno similar, but displaying light gills, indicating low spore count. The third pheno, listed here, is known as 'bell cap'. Usually smaller, with a pronounced umbow, this pheno is saught after for its aesthetics. It is sometimes also referred to as the 'PA' or 'NE' pheno, based on similar characteristics displayed in phenotypes east of the Appalachian mountains.

P. ovoideocystidiata 'bell cap'

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