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Germination: The Founding of TRYPLABS

It started on the forest floor. I always had some interest in mushrooms, even as a boy. I would draw cartoon mushrooms while I was supposed to be practicing algebra. I would pick the mushrooms in the lawn when my mom would say not to. Something about their cryptic nature piqued my attention. When I went to school in northern California to study chemistry, their new-to-me abundance lead me to further dive into this sincere interest. I would encounter fungi all along the trail to class, miles of mycelium were interwoven underneath each step I took. In the chemistry building, one of the retired professors had a poster presentation in the hallway, elucidating the natural product responsible for the maple syrup/curry odor of the candy cap mushroom, Lactarius rubidus. I started to research other fascinating chemical aspects of mushrooms, like the color changing boletes, or the potentially medically relevant compounds found in Herecium spp. At the time of graduation, There were still questions of what caused the blueing reaction in Psilocybin containing mushrooms. It seemed as, with recent drug policy reforms, promising clinical data, there was potential for a renaissance in mushroom research. Over the years since graduation I spent my time advancing my skills in various industries, including analytical laboratories, natural product extraction facilities, commercial scale breweries, and began to cultivate my own mycology techniques at a hobbyist level. With the recent legislation in Oregon regarding Psilocybin for therapeutic use, I decided I'd pack my bags and head up, where I can freely research and explore my passions. The goal of TrypLabs is to provide small molecule analysis for ALL mushrooms, with Oregon's Measure 109 as the incubator. I hope to launch TrypLabs into an exponential growth of potential services for the mycology world. Infinitely expanding mushroom cultures start from just two small spores, I hope to grow this company and provide a valuable service to the community, in order to keep growing, learning, and doing, what I'm most interested in.

Get Hyphae,

Jordan Jacobs

TrypLabs Founder, Chemist, and Mycologist


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